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John Edwards is a scumbag


Enquirer: John Edwards Engaged to Rielle HunterUpdated: 2 hours 3 minutes ago

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David Knowles


(Feb. 10) — According to the National Enquirer, former Sen. John Edwards has proposed to Rielle Hunter, with whom he recently admitted fathering a child. Citing anonymous sources, the paper claims that Edwards asked Hunter to marry him on…

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Christy Mihos

Everyone knows that the Plan of the Democratic party is to knock out Christy Mihos then Have the Liberal media Knock Baker out, Then Deval becomes Governor again. Christy is the real Conservative. Christy Mihos is the only candidate that is coming up with solutions for our states problems. I am sure after this post there will be the same…

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Clinton Ma Selectman do it again.

We Can Fix This I remember a time when America was having the same economic problems as we are today. We can elect leaders that can get us out of this mess or we can put in the same old do nothings like we have in place right now. Our towns fiscal problems are not going to get any better…

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