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Bill Gillmeister is a governance professional, school committee member, and Treasurer of End Common Core Massachsuetts.

Transparency and accountability rejected by many State Committee members

On 11 November 2015 just prior to the 18 November meeting of the State Committee, I posted the proposed Bylaws amendments that the State Committee would be taking up. The amendments were being taken up because of the process by which the Executive Committee voted to award the Chairman a $90,000 salary. The important issues include the following: the Executive…

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The Mass GOP, Sanctuary Cities, and the Rest of the Story

On 18 November 2015, the Massachusetts State Committee adopted a resolution condemning Sanctuary Cities. At a time when sanctuary cities are being debated in the Congress, the Legislature, and on the Republican nomination stage, this was an important statement for the Mass GOP to make. The State Committee adopted the resolution unanimously, but not before two resolving paragraphs were struck…

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Transparency and Accountability in the MA GOP

The fourth debate proved notable as the candidates actually debated on substantive issues and clearly separated themselves as establishment and full- or nearly-full platform conservatives. The moderators stayed in the background for the most part and even let Ben Carson hold the press accountable by explaining the lies they told about him, while giving Hillary a pass on the lies…

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Hang on to your wallet! The Global warming alarmist have hatched a carbon tax scheme! Or is it just another transfer scheme!

All the liberal, global-warming-alarmist Democrats came out yesterday to testify before the Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy yesterday on a bill that would establish a carbon tax on carbon-based fuels. You know what that means: higher heating oil and natural gas bills and a gas tax! Oh, but don’t you worry! We’re gonna get all of it back…

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