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Can Barney Pull off the Full Coakley?

Though it’s been rumored to be so for over a week, renowned pollster Charlie Cook has officially moved Barney Frank’s 4th Congressional seat from Likely Democrat into the Leaning Democrat Category. Charles Krauthammer let this one out of the bag a week ago on Special Report w/Brett Baier, but Cook made it official today. On the Cook scale the next…

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Bielat Frank IV Hosted by Emily Rooney

 Emily Rooney tried her best to keep Barney Frank in line but he was quite often rude & bullying toward her. I’ll say this, I don’t think I’ve seen a moderator laugh at, (not with), a candidate as often as Emily Rooney did at Mr. Frank tonight. The exchange (beginning @ 5:35 ending @ 8:40) over HR 1852, the self…

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Classless Sholley Campaign Staffers sink to all time low.

Earl Sholley’s Campaign Staff sunk to a new low by squatting at Sean Bielat’s Town Hall Event held tonight at the Taunton Cultural Center, 775 John Quincy Adams Rd. in the Taunton Industrial Park.  (Sean had 30 to 35 mostly new faces btw) They had that military vehicle Earl has been using for photo ops in the driveway of the…

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