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MassHouseGOP – Supporting Rep. Keiko Orrall for National Committeewoman

Dear Republican State Committee Members, Congratulations on your election to the governing body of our party.  As members of the Republican caucus on Beacon Hill, we look forward to working with you over the next four years to grow our party’s grassroots, and to elect more Republicans at every level of Government.  To accomplish these goals, we need strong leaders…

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Ron Kaufman on CNN – 3/19/16 – “GOP Establishment on Trump phenomenon”

Hey,      Thought you would be interested in seeing a clip from CNN this morning, where we discussed the current race for the Republican nomination. As I explain in the clip, we are currently in a historic nominating process, with more Americans having come out and voted for a Republican Canidate than ever before in history.      Between all of our candidates,…

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