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That is  the number of write-in votes Jim McKenna received to become our Attorney General candidate last week. That’s 27,711 votes gathered in 51 days (ok, 54 for me, I knew ahead of time). For everyone that participated, from already active campaigns, to independents and yes, gasp, Democrats. It is time to change Beacon Hill. I have seen the 5th…

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   Fifty-four days ago, several of us started our own bloodless coup of the Attorney General’s ofice.

  We bore the slings, arrows and insults of all the so-called “insiders”.

  Ya know what folks? I’m right again. All right, so my hearrt got in my way of picking Sam Meas in the  fifth CD. It kills me to say…

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RMG: We’re All Liars

From Guy Carbone tonight at the Springfield RCC: “You may have read about me on RMG. That’s Red Mass Group. They’re all liars.” I heard this verbatim. Mr. Carbone: you’re very fortunate you didn’t take questions. I would have loved to ask you about which liars and lies you were referring to. For a little levity:… This will be…

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My 5th CD Primary Prediction

(I think Golnik based on him being on Radio for the last week probably pulls this off.  (Disclosure – I sell printing to the Golnik Campaign). – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Sam Meas: 44%

J%on Golink: 37%

Tom Weaver: 15%

Bob Shapiro: 4% Now let us go vote!…

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Step Aside Jon Golnik Part 3

   Now I will be writing freehand, but bear in mind I have the evidence to back it up.

  On July 4th, Jon Golnik held a “Rock The Vote” concert at Devens. Sounds like a pretty good opportunity to meet candidates, right? However the only 5th CD candidate invited was Jon Golnik. Nowhere was this event advertised as a…

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Step Aside Jon Golnik Part Two

   To continue the story: After a winter flap between the two First Middlesex state representative candidates over the timing and frequency of debates, Shelia Harrington and Cornelius Sullivan appeared together at a candidates forum hosted by the Pepperell Republican Town Committee on May 11.

Last Wednesday’s forum in Ayer, however, was much different. Harrington says the back story missing…

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