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Christy Mihos For National Comitteeman

   Now that we’ve stirred the pot a little for the MAGOP chair. I thought I would throw this out here.

  Mr. Mihos is very personable in one-to-one and small groups.

  He can afford to do it.

  I think he would be a great fundraiser for other candiates.

  Since I am a new Republican activist, just…

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Kamal Jain For MAGOP Chair

   Everyone likes him. He has good ideas.

  I am tired of all the bitching and whining. and everyone being afraid to toss a legitimate candidate into the ring.

  If you have a better candidate, please enlighten us. Otherwise, support Kamal.…

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   What’s wrong? I pointed out as a public service that the “Join Us” link was broken back on November 26th.….   Guess what? It still is. If you would like, I can fix it for you within 48 hours. All you have to do is pay for my parking.

  It is time to move party HQ to…

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Why We Lost

   Let’s face it. Their 1/3 of their 40% can kick our 100% of 10% all over the playground of Massachusetts! Simple mathematics my friends. They learned their lesson from January! We were still too busy patting ourselves on the backs.

  Where were you on election day at 8PM? At your favorite candidates party? maybe you should have been…

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SPAM Is Corrupt!

   I’m talking about the State Police Association of Massachusetts. The troopers union. How else can anyone explain their endorsement of democrat Paul “Kujo” Kujawski? We may recall that Rep. Kujawski literally pissed on a state troopers shoe in 2004. A female state trooper at that!

  This man literally urinates on the union members, and they endorse him and…

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‘Barbara Anderson Loves Jim McKenna

   No kidding! I heard her on Howie Carr tonight.

  So Barb, what happened? All summer long I listened to your vitriol about:

How he was hurting other worthy candidates.

How he was draining money from other worthy candidates.

How he was pulling valuable volunteers from other worthy candidates.

  What could possibly have happened to turn your hate…

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