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MAGOP Conference – Rumors Abound

   Since I am the best rumor monger around, here they are:

    Will GOPSue toss that midnight skinny dip she’s been teasing us with?

    Will Eabo and 4R show up in matching speedos as a show of solidarity?

    How many men will suddenly decide on breakfast at the pool to gawk at the GOP…

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Ryan Fattman & Kevin Kuros

Gentlemen:   Thank you for making me feel welcome in my first state house visit in 38 years. you gave me an opportunity to show off in front of my new friends from the Center For Living And Working based in Worcester. I think the “bullpin” has a certain comfort quality, you certainly made me feel comfortable!

  For constituents…

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A Prop To MAGOP!

   You all know me, I’m one of the biggest bitchers in the Republican party. However in complaining, there is a certain obligation to give due credit.

  I applaud MAGOP for donating $3,000, their max, to the well worthy Peter Durant campaign. Nate Little of MAGOP was delivering the check tonight to the Durant fundraiser party in Longmeadow.


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   Cross-posted from from Blue Mass Group so the truth can be read. With the permission of the author. Thank You MillburyMan.  So much for silence from the right.

 First of all, let me state that I abhor physical violence. Although I’m sure some of you were amused with the death threats on my client billxi. There are enough cuss…

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