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A Question On Boards Please

   Since RMG’ers are the best, and of course, the brightest.

  The board follows Roberts Rules of Order.

  The board has 7 members and 1 alternate.

  If one of the 7 members is absent, does the alternate step in? Can the alternate step in?

  If a board member needs to recuse him/her self, does the alternate…

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2K for Keiko

   Hey, it’s a starting point! Now if the rest of our state’s Republicans can step up… George Peterson for Majority Leader?

  Yes folks, it CAN happen. People are growing tired of the same old 50 year old democratic rhetoric. This is OUR time, capitalize on it. One seat at a time.

  Nobody in our Republican party can…

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Judge Richard Tucker-Laughingstock.

   How does it feel to be lied to and bamboozled by democrats? You, dude are a joke! Destined to go down in judicial history as:

1. The most crooked judge the Commonwealth has ever had. Or

2. The dumbest judge Massachusetts has ever had.

  Either way: not a great legacy. Please forgive me, I’m laughing so hard!!…

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