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   Last night the Millbury RTC had the pleasure of hosting Sheriff Lew Evangilides’ social.   And to think three years ago, MAGOP didn’t want new Republicans. I hope the attitude at state headquarters is changing. Not that I care. We’re going to keep on doing right Republican things regardless of MAGOP.  …

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In The Interest Of Fairness

   I feel the need to post.

  Today, I received correspondence about Bob MaGinn expressing his regrets to MARA honcho Linda Rapoza, explaining his inability to attend the MARA debate yesterday, Sunday, 11/13. The correspondence is dated 11/9.

  I guess my question is this:

  Why did MARA keep this a secret?

  I wasted my perfectly beutiful…

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Where In The World Is…. Bob Maginn?

   I attended the MAGOP Chair debate in Worcester today.

  I read somewhere this morning that Phil Dann wasn’t attending. No big deal, I like Phil, but not his time now.

  Kamal Jain attended, only to withdraw, and announce his support for Mr. McNamara.

  Frank McNamara was warmly received by the approximately 100 attendees.

  Bob Maginn,…

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Some Questions About the Wonderful Wizard Maginn

   Why does only 1/3 of the Republican legislative caucus support him? I can understand Kuros, Durant, and Orrall. They’re new. Little pressure maybe?    

  From his website:

1. Ran AGAINST a sitting incumbent Republican Treasurer.

2. Promoting life, human rights, and other social causes. Specifics please? I hope it is within THIS century.

3. Soccer coach. Was…

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10 ?!.

1. Why do reactionaries hate RINO’s?

2. Libertarians are RINO’s too.

3. I will not support non Republican candidates! We need to build our OWN party! If you want my support, join the party.

4. Why do our most ardent of 1st amendment supporters refuse to give others the chance to speak.

5. Why are the wingnuts in 4 threatening…

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As The President Of Framingham State’s College Democrats

   I wish to respond to Concerned Voter in NMassachusetts’ post on “10 Random Relevant Things.”

  Sir: You are terribly mistaken. Framingham State has not had a College Democrats group since before 2006, when I began matriculating there.

  In 2007, I was doing a sociology class project on spam e-mail. I received one from the “National Association of…

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Worcester Questions

   Although I don’t live in Worcester anymore, I still like to keep up with whats going on in my hometown of 50 years.

  Some questions though:

1. Why are Worcester Republicans supporting a democrat for mayor.

2. why are Tea Party Republicans who don’t even live in Worcester so ardently supporting the same democrat for mayor?

3. Why…

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