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 You got your name right.

Sue Pope

Dick Neitz

Andy Burbine

Olly deMacedo

I don’t appreciate you trashing my candidate at the moment, Christy Mihos.

Am I constantly mentioning the democratic party rumors of Charlie Baker’s supposed xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx? no. For a party of “Family Values”, nominating a man who encourages sexual predation is just morally wrong. I’m talking about…

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My Apology To Charlie Baker

 Mr. Baker, I apologize for my wondering about your whereabouts last Monday. Your supporters have defended you vigorously and eventually plausibly.

I would like to know your logistics in doing so though, just intellectual curiosity. It was pretty darn brilliant.


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An Attack On Both Gubernatorial Candidates

Tomorrow April 10th:

9:00AM-10:30AM: Tea Party Breakfast in Westboro. Charlie Baker is supposed to attend.

10:45AM, 11:00AM, or 1:00PM: I have read all three times in various places. Shirley RTC is hosting a debate between Mihos and Baker.

11:00AM-3:00PM: Republican Statewide Candidates Luncheon. Mihos and Baker are confirmed guests. So gentlemen: who gets stiffed? If I’m attending one of these…

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Charlie Baker: Rude Liar?

 Sorry Baker devotees, Ain’t libel if its true. Since no Baker apologists could answer my previous post, I apologize for my redundancy.      

Here are the facts.

On Thursday March 11th someone posted under the name Charlie Baker about a contest to gather more names and contact information for the Baker campaign. The grand prize was the opportunity…

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Hey! Charlie Baker!

 As I write this at 9:05 PM, you are teleconferencing. Shouldn’t you be concentrating your attention on your guests? You know, the big recruiting contest winners you are supposedly hosting.

How rude!

I smell a rotten egg here, and its not yesterday’s leftovers.

I can’t wait for the Baker apologists to spin this one.…

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Hey MAGOP Diehards


I really find amusing your posturing of your Republican values. You do know that 11% of anything is not winning an election don’t you?

I was a Republican for 30 years before I dropped out. my local State Senate candidate was too embarrassing for me to admit my party affiliation any more. But I still maintained my…

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