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 The Democratic Strategy Democrat 101: Stereotype. Old, rich, fat, white especially white, male. Looked at the MA congressional delegation lately? Democrat 102: Demonize, republicans cut services, medicare, welfare, putting people on the street. How does Obama get away with that consistently? Democrat 103: Republicans are against everything Democrat 104: Blame Bush Democrat 105: Blame the other Bush, there’s 2 Democrat…

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My Prediction: Gomez Wins

Gomez 48.4%

Markey 48.3%

3rd person 2.5%

Others or blanks 0.7 I would post this on BMG, but they can’t handle the truth.

A recount for sure. I will travel anywhere in our Commonwealth to ensure the will of the people.  …

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Rest In Peace Governor Paul Cellucci

(A Member of the Hudson Historical Commission, a Selectman, then a State Representative, then a State Senator, then Lt. Governor, Acting, then elected Governor, and finally our nations Representative to our largest trading Partner, Canada, Paul (as he insisted we all call him, even when he was Governor) was undefeated in elections, but that never made him arrogant.  He was…

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   Congressman Ed Markey stepped over any and all lines of decency equating Gabriel Gomez to Osama Bin Laden. What’s next Ed? Equating him to Adolf Hitler for the Alzheimer’s vote?

  I was not a Gomez supporter until now. But Markey is renaming “Coakleying”. Are you working Ed? Are you campaigning? Pick at least one and be accountable. At…

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Dear John

   Walsh. Chairman of the democratic state party. I would reply to you on BMG, but they don’t like hearing the truth.

  We Republicans do not advocate murder of any kind. Apparently you democrats advocate for it with your abortion stance!

  Hate: Your all welcoming party just tells every possible splinter group to vote for you. Then you…

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