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Fact Check : Grossman Ad Misstates Polito Actions on License Plates

According to a breaking news story on, Grossman, in trying to gain an edge over Polito in what polls suggest is a very tight race, wrongly asserts that she secured plates reserved for a charity auction.… Should anyone be surprised that Grossman defaulted to the gutter style, dirty politics of the past.  Massachusetts deserves so much better than…

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Ledger Endorses Joe Malone for 10th Congressional District

Calling him “The most qualified Republican,” The Patriot Ledger has endorsed Joe Malone for Congress in the 10th District Republican Primary. The Ledger editors also highlighted Joe’s record of reform and cutting spending as our state Treasurer, saying “At the Treasury, Malone reduced expenses by 62 percent and improved efficiency in Lottery operations and performance of the state pension system.”…

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