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Speech: Religion and the Art of Persuading Legislators by Dan Avila

Subject: Text of Recent Remarks on “Religion and the Art of Persuading Legislators” Given to Gathering of Young People at the Massachusetts Capitol Religion and the Art of Persuading Legislators Daniel Avila Remarks given to an audience of young persons attending the “Day on the Hill” event sponsored by MassFuture, held in the Great Hall of the Massachusetts Capitol, in…

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HHS Secretary Sebelius speaks at Tufts with Deval last Friday on healthcare “reform”

Here’s the speech/presentation by Gov. Patrick and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, provided by Mass Citizens for Life: There aren’t any bombshells, and it’s not as though anything’s all that surprising.  This was a little goodwill tour to mollify the doctors and healthcare aristocrats that their profits and jobs weren’t going to change, but that, like in Massachusetts, a universal…

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Catholic healthcare plan to promote abortions

( – promoted by DD4RP) Today the Catholic Caritas healthcare network entered into a partnership with Centrene, an abortion providing healthcare system, in order to maximize profits.  Caritas desires access to the Massachusetts Healthcare Connector, in order to get bids from individuals wanting healthcare either because they don’t get it from their employer or because they’re too poor to afford…

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