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BHI Summer Wrap-up: DC Bag Taxes, Union Monopolies, the Real Romney Jobs Record, Patent Reform

The dearth of BHI updates on Red Mass Group over the summer does not indicate our collective catch-up on use-it-or-lose-it vacation time. There has been no rest for the happy warriors at Suffolk University. BHI’s been exceptionally busy this summer. Along with Americans for Tax Reform, BHI issued a critique of a plastic bag tax in D.C. ATR’s Patrick Gleason…

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BHI Dispatch: Weighing in on Wisconsin’s Act 10: Governor Walker’s reforms helped state

Wisconsin’s Act 10 saved tax dollars, preserved vital services and spurred state economy, new study shows BOSTON – Act 10, which institutes reforms in the state’s public sector collective bargaining law, has resulted in savings of between $773 million and almost $1.195 billion to both state and local government. The savings have spared the Wisconsin economy economic losses it would…

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BHI in the Wall Street Journal: The case against taxing carried interest as ordinary income

BHI Executive Director David G. Tuerck, chairman of the Department of Economics at Suffolk University, debates Columbia University Professor of Law Michael Graetz in the WSJ on whether carried interest (investment income) should be taxed at the higher ordinary income tax rate or capital gains taxes. Dr. Tuerck argues against the Obama administration’s plan to tax such income on a…

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BHI Weekly Dispatch: On the road in Malden, Tax Foundation podcast, Malkin on PLAs & more

BHI Executive Director David G. Tuerck addressed approximately 25 members of the Malden Rotary last week at its luncheon meeting at Anthony's of Malden. Tuerck offered a far-reaching exposition of the Institute's research agenda. He also commented on current U.S., state and local economic conditions. He was pleased to report that Malden benefits from one of the lowest unemployment rates…

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BHI Weekly Dispatch: Speaking out on unemployment benefits commission & Globe editorial cites BHI

The Boston Globe channels the Beacon Hill Institute on anti-competitive, union-only Project Labor Agreements. Bravo for the Globe’s position on keeping competition open for work on the historic Longfellow Bridge. PLAs are a top priority for unions for that very reason: They effectively keep union firms from having to compete with non-union companies. That’s so because PLAs stipulate that the…

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