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BHI in the Boston Herald: High health costs strangling cities, towns

Here’s BHI’s latest op-ed on municipal health insurance reform, published in the Boston Herald.
Firefighters from across Massachusetts recently urged legislators to spare cuts to local aid. They also used their State House visit to push back on proposed changes in municipal health insurance. But in arguing against a much-needed tool for municipal leaders, firefighters overplayed their hand. Legislators…

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BHI: “Health Care Reform” is a Job Killer

Study: Health Care Legislation Will Cost up to 700,000 Jobs by 2019 Beacon Hill Institute study released today shows massive job losses under Obamacare WASHINGTON, D.C.- Americans for Tax Reform Foundation today released a study conducted

by the Beacon Hill Institute on the job losses that will result from the passage of President Obama’s healthcare plan. The 18-page study —…

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BHI Survey: Overwhelming majority of state voters oppose a key feature of Project Labor Agreements

(BOSTON) – A new survey conducted by the Suffolk University Political Research Center for the Beacon Hill Institute shows that 69% of Massachusetts voters oppose a requirement under which private contractors who perform public projects must hire workers through union hiring halls. The finding is important because the requirement is a key feature of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs), which are…

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Time to TEL: Lower spending in MA and contrain it with a real tax and expenditure limitation

( – promoted by Garrett Quinn) David Tuerck writing in today’s Boston Globe: Candidates for office who want to challenge this blue-state attachment to high taxes have an important fact on their side: The “frayed-safety-net” argument doesn’t hold water. The Beacon Hill Institute calculated per-capita spending by state and local government in Massachusetts on three categories of safety-net services –…

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BHI: Recent state tax hikes unnecessary under a Tax and Expenditure Limitation

“TELing” it like it is: How Massachusetts could eliminate its structural deficit and still spend generously on safety-net programs (BOSTON)  In a new study entitled Massachusetts Fiscal Policy: The Legend v. the Facts, the Beacon Hill Institute shows how Massachusetts could eliminate the “structural deficit” in its state budget and still spend generously on safety-net services.  The solution is to…

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BHI Forecast: State tax revenues to increase by 2.1% in FY 2010 and by 4.4% in FY 2011

(BOSTON, December 16, 2009) – After examining the state’s slide into a recession and the prospects for recovery, The Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University (BHI)released its revised forecast of Massachusetts state tax revenues for fiscal year FY2010 and a new forecast for FY2011. The Institute’s forecasts for state tax revenues are:
• For FY 2010 (ending June 30, 2010):…

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