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A New Enemy To Unite the GOP

From the 1950s until the ’80s, the disparate elements of the conservative movement unified against one looming enemy: Communism Conservative scion William F. Buckley established the National Review to rescue respect for tradition, the submission of human nature, and the federalism of the Constitution from the John Birch Society. Buckley made conservatism academic, respectable and anti-Communist. After Communism was consigned…

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House Leadership’s Unprincipled Immigration Principles

The divisions marked between Establishment leaders and the grassroots demanding a Republican Party in line with its principles does not split necessarily between liberal and conservative, as much as between Big Business and Limited Government, and no issue more distinguishes these two groups than immigration reform. Already House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has outlined their immigration principles, printed in USA…

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Brian Herr for US Senate(?) Or Gabriel Gomez Encore

Despite recently-elected US Senator Edward “Maryland” Markey’s relatively low favorability numbers and name recognition, the only name in to run against Markey is Republican selectman Brian Herr of Hopkinton, an outsider. Sounds good, since Markey is as inside as it gets.

Herr chooses not to take sides, and staying outside of the fray, the candidate blames Washington, which certainly includes…

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Gay Conservatives, the GOP, and Getting Over It All

GOPround founder Jimmy LaSalvia has left the building, as in the Republican Party, and become an Independent conservative. President Obama sounded off on his departure, even though Democrats in Washington are weighing whether to run for office in 2014 or jump ship of state while the jumping’s good. Yet the issue of homosexuals in the Republican Party, and whether the…

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Christie’s Bridge(Gate) to Nowhere: What About Obama?

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono mentioned this scandal during one of her debates with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Arguing that because Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich refused to endorse the governor, she indicted Christie for  retaliating by tying up traffic at George Washington Bridge. Following his impressive reelection last year, Governor Christie was cruising into the national spotlight with…

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Michigan Governor Rick Snyder: Republican RoboCop

RoboCop was a sci-fi shoot-em-up from the late 1980s. The sequel explored the damaging effects of the drug trade at length, but for the sake of comparison, the first film will suffice. The setting of the movie takes place in a future dystopia of Detroit, where gangs run rampant in a Detroit burned out and turned out. The background for…

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