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Reagan revolution and eocnomic ignorance.

Reagan changed the country in multiple ways and is regarded to this day by conservatives and Republicans as the best president America ever had.  Reagan’s legacy is easy to admire given his eloquent and charming ability to present and convince the public that smaller government is better.  However his policies have created some confusion among politicos and has left many…

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Scott Brown urges Deval Patrick to release stimulus money?

This may be a bit early for the “told you so”s as people are still celebrating their 41st vote, but come on folks, I told you so.  Brown told WBUR today that he plans to meet with our governor and urge the release of federal stimulus money, the same 787 billion stimulus money that has turned into a gigantic boondoggle.…

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Democrats changing their tune after Brown’s victory, possible backfire?

As the Brown supporters run amok in Massachusetts comparing yesterday’s election to the battle of Lexington and Concord, Democrats in Washington are scheming.  Indeed, some of the rhetoric has dramatically changed from a full blown liberal charge to a more thoughtful and amicable tone.  While some have proudly declared ObamaCare deceased, I think otherwise and find this new tone troubling.…

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RightCondition: What does a Scott Brown victory mean for us?

(For once a dissenting voice… – promoted by Garrett Quinn) This campaign has reached an absolute fever pitch and the atmosphere here in Massachusetts is electric.  I cannot remember the last time we witnessed this kind of mass hysteria over a candidate, oh wait, it was just a year ago when a black president was going to change America once…

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“Vice” tightened for Massachusetts residents.

( – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Cross-posted from Indy Mind One would never guess that America is experiencing one of the worst recessions in history. Considering the legislation being passed on the federal level and proposals being made on the state level, one would think that Americans are enjoying tremendous excesses and the government simply wants to partake. Yesterday, Obama…

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Are there tax cuts in the stimulus bill?

Cross-posted on Indy Mind Seems like a simple question, yet the answer differs depending on the source. Firstly, we must at least agree on a definition of tax cuts before we answer the question of what is contained within Spendulus. A tax cut by definition is a payroll reduction where a taxpayer pays less per a certain bracket. It can…

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