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State Spending grew by 52% since FY 2004

Deval Patrick’s budget blueprint calls for $34.8 Billion Dollars. This would be a 52% increase over the 2004 budget of $22.86 Billion. As you ponder these figures, ask yourself: Are the services you’re paying for 52% better than they were 10 years ago? As an avid fisherman who has utilized the Fish & Game site only to find that the…

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A Simple But Effective Theme For 2014: 5 5 5

As a lifelong resident of this state, I am frustrated to no end by the direction the state’s fiscal policies have been going over the past five years. My frustrations are such that I’m planning to pack it in and move to greener pastures. In the meantime, rather than sit  back and moan about the many follies of our state…

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