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How Elizabeth Warren saved taxpayers $1 billion

Reprinted from Salon:… How Elizabeth Warren saved taxpayers $1 billion

Elizabeth Warren’s work keeping tabs on the bank bailout is a great argument for good government BY MATT STOLLER While Mitt Romney and Barack Obama battle nationally for the right to occupy the White House for the next four years, perhaps the second most contentious significant race in the…

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Brown v Warren: relevant (lobbyists and taxes) versus irrelevant (family heritage) transparency

This is a reprint from the Republic Report, written by Zaid Jilani, linked here…  : This morning, the Associated Press published an article outlining a “battle over transparency” in the Massachusetts Senate race: Both candidates in Massachusetts’ closely watched U.S. Senate race have championed the virtues of public disclosure – but each has limits when it comes to their…

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IRV Referendum Campaign to Free MA from One-Party Rule



“More Voices, Better Choices”

Sept 11th – Nov 18th

———————————————————— ENDORSEMENTS

+ The Massachusetts League of Women Voters

+ Common Cause Massachusetts

+ and many more community organizations! OFFICIAL WEBSITE ABOUT THE PROPOSAL

Voter Choice is a grassroots ballot campaign to put power back in voters’ hands through a system of ranked…

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