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Howto Format Posts

The following HTML tags are allowed in posts:

    < b >< /b > < i >< /i > < del >< /del > < ul >< /ul >,< ol >< /ol >,< li > < a href="" >< /a > < del >< /del >

Example: This is not a test of formatting.
Formated: This is not a test of formatting.…

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Why RMG?
Red Mass Group was founded to revitalize the right-wing community in Massachusetts much as Blue Mass Group has done for the left.
What’s the deal with the old school logo?
The red areas are where Healey or Healey plus Mihos were greater than Deval.
Who sponsors you?
RMG is not sponsored by anyone, save advertisers and the occasional…

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New account problem

( – promoted by Patrick) It appears that people who have recently created new accounts have not received an email with their login info.  The problem is being looked into. If you have not received an email with your login info please send an email to  We will try and fix this ASAP. Update:  The problem should be…

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