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‘War on Women’ ends with Republican victories in midterm elections..

I imagine that many low information voters (aka liberals) will wake up this morning thinking that ‘war on women’ just got worse with Republican victories.  With Republicans taking the majority role in both the US Senate and US House of Representatives the ‘boy’s club’ must be smirking and grinning behind closed doors. But guess what?  With yesterday’s election there are…

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Remember Marcia Coakley in the good old days when…..

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) her office used to prosecute day care operators and charge them with rape when some 2 year olds made claims that the day care workers had ‘magic wands’ and ‘secret rooms’ where they were forced to drink urine?  Now of course, there were obviously no magic wands – because magic wands do…

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