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New Media Summit links as promised.

(Still exausted, but I hope everyone enjoyed the presentations and are ready to take things to the Next Level) This will be warehoused at as well. Opening Video produced by Red Turn Media Rob Willington, ED of State Representative Jeff Perry’s 3 examples………   Joe “The Guy From Boston” Ligotti’s message to…

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RMG to Livestream New Media Summit, Saturday at 2PM!

(The livestream will be here, but it will be the Rebuild the Party’s feed.   – promoted by EaBo Clipper) If you cant make it to Worcester, sign on to tomorrow for a livestream webcast of the event. Or follow the live blogging done from bloggers row, featuring: Robert Eno

Blogging at:

Also livestreaming a broadcast of the…

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New Media Summit THIS SATUDAY, and Updates

(Come see Garrett and I debate the merits of Soccer in person! – promoted by Cool Cal) Bloggers row to be announced this Friday, reserve you spot today in the front row if you haven’t already done so. Wireless will be available for the entire event free of charge. Incase you missed it, Former Microsoft Executive and RNC Internet Director…

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The self fulfilling prophecy of “How” we campaign.

While the information is interesting the leaps they make demonstrate a lack of understanding of the electoral process. The self fulfilling prophecy of campaigns assuming donors ONLY donate and workers ONLY work provides all the explanation they need. Campaigns do this because resources are too valuable to “prospect” unproven sources for dollars or labor. It does not make it a…

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