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Jim Rappaport for Treasurer

( – promoted by Cool Cal) After speaking with Torkildsen and his desire to focus on his family, I realized Jim Rappaport. No one questions his fiscal stances. He came a % away from beating Kerry in 1990. Time as Party Chairman helped his contacts in the media and Party outside the state. “We have a spending problem, not a…

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Torkildsen for Treasurer

(Formatting edited for space. – promoted by DD4RP) Peter G. Torkildsen,

    A man who never hid from being a moderate Republican, but has always been fiscally conservative. A man who is a numbers policy wonk, and for a State Treasurer, that is what we want. A man who served as Party Chairman inheriting $160,000 of debt and no Republican Governor.

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The Lack of Morning Drive Time Radio.

( – promoted by DD4RP) The Lack of Morning Drive Time Radio. OK, so lets look at the dirth of options And please make suggestions if you dont like mine.   AM 680   Felon Finneran

AM 850   Sports talk is like beer, it is good, but not before 11AM

AM 1030  I can read the newspaper myself.


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