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Don’t be Scared this Friday the 13th!

RMG Money Bomb for the MassGOP

New Leadership, New Energy, New Ideas. Last year on Friday the 13th, we set up a money bomb to help raise money online for our candidates. We did some good work, but must always build upon past successes. This year, it is time to support the MASSGOP and show the Democrats their budget scare…

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RNC Chairman’s Race Live Feed – It’s STEELE

(Blackwell just endorsed Steele!!!!! – promoted by EaBo Clipper) 2nd RNC ballot to come; Duncan-52, Steele-46, Dawson-28, Anuzis-22, Blackwell-20 on 1st ballot 3rd Ballot – Steele: 51 (+3), Duncan: 44 (-4), Dawson: 34 (+5), Anuzis: 24 (0), Blackwell: 15 (-4) Mike Duncan drops out. 4th Ballot – Dawson – 62, Steele – 60, Anuzis – 31, Blackwell – 15…

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