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Sullivan is clearly the conservative and deserves the GOP nomination

After careful consideration, Sullivan is the most qualified Republican and has the best chance to win June 25th in the General Election. Today, The Massachusetts Citizens for Life endorsed Michael Sullivan for being Pro-Life.  We all know that his opponents, Dan Winslow is adamently Pro-Choice, and Gabriel Gomez claims he's personally Pro-Life but that it's alright for others to be Pro-Choice.…

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Democrat Gabriel Gomez needs to quit

It's time for Democrat Gabriel Gomez to stop the charade of pretending to be a Republican and quit the Senate race.  It's not that Gomez is honest.  Instead, Gomez has repeatedly lied to the public by saying he donated to Obama once because his boss made him do it in 2008. Well did Gomez's boss make him donate in 2007…

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Gomez: “Sullivan is a flip flopper on gay marriage.”

GOP U.S. Senate candidate Michael J. Sullivan defended his shifting message regarding gay marriage tonight as Democrats and even Republican rival Gabriel Gomez blasted him for flip-flopping on the hot-button issue. Click here to read the Boston Herald’s article:… Even in the Boston Globe, Sullivan said in his support for gay marriage the following: “I believe DOMA should be…

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