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Huckabee’s Right–in every sense of the word. McCain is not–in any sense, either

The fact that he would even consider pro-murder types like Ridge of Lieberman should AUTOMATICALLY disqualify McCain from any support by those of us who still believe that abortion is nothing short of murder. There are principles upon which we simnply cannot comporimise. How many butchered infants are you willing trade tax cuts for the top 1% for? Why aren’t…

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The John Edwards Follies Redux

As one writer explains , there really isn’t much gloating room anywhere on this one. We REALLY need to start cleaning up our own extremely messy, stables ratherthan casting brickbats at the liberals. Remember when being a Republican meant something–something beyond some superficial differences with Democrats over taxation (because Jon Voight is clearly a paranoid nutbag–with friends like him,…..) or…

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Our REAL Hope is Local

It is good to see a sizeable number of posts about Massachusetts Republicans (I spent quite some time reading on this board before posting–it’s been an invaluable resource when it comes to learning about state leadership and politics–would that your average Globe ‘n Herald reader passed through this site daily!)–it’s downright inspiring. Seems to me we have to look here…

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