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Eaten in a Restaurant Lately?

You mikght want to heed the sage advioce of your tribal spokespeaople, the brilliant Michael Savage: Michael Savage blares to his audience that he will protect himself by having “no contact anywhere with illegal aliens and that starts with the restaurants.” He calls people who dine out “morons who eat in restaurants with illegals all over the kitchen.” Thanks, Mike!…

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And they say we Catholics are Crazy….

Yooo hooo! Crazy person alert!

The good news he isn’t Catholic. Thanks be to God. The bad news is that Palin is total freaking airhead. Thanks God she isn’t a catholic either. This is just too embarassing.

Why oh why can’t we as a party accept that tis is the 21st century? Why must we serve up fools who have…

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I’d like my Republic/Party back, please

Actually, the request is twenty years too late. I don’t know what makes me sadder:

That this man doesn’t even KNOW what he owns

That we have become a plutocracy, where the very wealthy rule

That this man didn’t earn any of this, but dumped his first wife for the moolah (as well for a woman who will tolerate being…

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