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BMG crowd “horrified” by long over due Law Enforcement today

Cadillac Deval decided and mandated that our own law enforcement officials ( State Police)had “more important” things to do ( drive his limo to D.C, etc) Sooooo now when the FEDERAL agencies finally  and actually did step in ( with Cadillac’s full knowledge and compliance)and  at last ENFORCE THE LAWS regarding United States Citizenship….the “pony tailed’ , knitting, trustfunded, “together…

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Cadillac Deval’s paux pas du jour

(Veterans vs. Banking – Priorities are becomeing clear! – promoted by Peter Porcupine) Pick one. Today’s could be his endoresment( a clear conflict of interest) of the sleaze bag ‘loan sharks” “Ameriquest” “Pawn shop” he worked for ( that somehow got “downplayed” by the liberal media) OR would you prefer his “booting out the door” of the Secretary of Veteran’s…

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Just to rub salt in the Wound

“Amy” Gorin  of  224 Big bucks Lane, “Swellesley” rode down in the new Sedan “Devalle” to Washington DC this weekend with her new “boss”(s).
It’s not hard to envision or imagine  celebratory Dom Perigion being quaffed behihind raised smoked glass lest the State Police “Chauffeur” ( at $60/hr+) detail overhear the “conversation” and muffled laughter.
I guess i’m just jealous…

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