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Justine Kirkwood tells Cordeiro: “That’s a crock Brock!”

Justine Kirkwood asked that this statement be delivered on her behalf in response to criticism against her mainly from Brock Cordeiro. Mrs. Kirkwood in an earlier statement said that she was sick of the nasty advertisements from the Baker Campaign in cohoots with the Republican Governors' Association against Fiscal ConservativeTim Cahill. Brock Cordeiro and others responded in essence that Mrs.

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Brian McGrory: “Charlie Baker’s a liar…”

You’re the most negative presence in a stunningly nasty gubernatorial campaign. You’ve tried to take a bottle of Wite-Out to your résumé and your life. You’re emerging not as a serious candidate with serious ideas, but as another politician who will say anything for a vote. Unless you’re careful, the result is going to be a landslide for an incumbent…

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Justine Kirkwood: “Charlie Baker…Knock it off!”

Today I received yet another negative flyer in the mail downing Tim Cahill.  I want it to stop.   The campaign being run by Charlie Baker is the most destructive, dishonest, disgusting and negative I have ever witnessed.  He is a self centered, egotistical slick politician.  I have never heard him say anything positive.  Have the MA GOP good ol’…

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