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2014 Massachusetts State House of Representatives Results

As with the Senate results, this is based upon my best knowledge of the outcome of the House of Representatives elections, relying most heavily upon The House has several very close results, so the possibility of districts flipping between now and certification does exist. Republican Seats Held

3rd Barnstable: Vieira (R-Falmouth) unopposed

5th Barnstable: Hunt (R-Sandwich) 63% def. Terry…

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2014 Massachusetts State Senate Results

Here are the full Massachusetts Senate results as best I can tell them (relying mostly on I’ve classified those races in which there was a Republican candidate who lost based on the margin of defeat. The dividing line between classifications is totally arbitrary. No criticism of any candidate is intended. Republican Seats Held

First Essex & Middlesex: Tarr (R-Gloucester):…

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2014 State Senate Races

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) The last time Republicans gained a seat in the Massachusetts Senate was during a special election in March 2004 when Scott Brown won the seat vacated by the resignation of Senator Cheryl Jacques. Is this November the time we see the decade of decay reversed and Republicans starting to build themselves into…

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Cliven Bundy: A Cautionary Tale

The Cliven Bundy story never took root around here, which is understandable given that it focused on an issue (large scale federal land ownership) which simply doesn’t directly effect us in the Northeast the way it does in the West. Nationally, however, it did become something of a cause célèbre in conservative circles. But there’s danger in linking your philosophical…

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Why Should I Vote for Gabriel Gomez?

This isn’t a joke or a veiled attack. I’m serious. I’d really like someone to explain to me what makes Gabriel Gomez an attractive candidate for the US Senate. Is it really just his biography? I can see rational reasons for voting for either Mike Sullivan or Dan Winslow. I can see what each of them brings to the table.…

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Scott Brown Endorses Democrat Nangle?

In today’s Lowell Sun, there’s an article about Rep. Dave Nangle (D-Lowell) endorsing Scott Brown’s reelection campaign. The link to the article is here:… Nangle is representative of the conservative Democrats, particularly in regions like the Merrimack Valley, whose support Scott Brown needs to win this election. In that sense, I’m quite pleased that Brown won his support. But…

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