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Conservatives Oppose Orgasms

Conservative groups in New Hampshire are upset that hundreds of UNH students packed an on campus workshop on sex education. After all taxpayer funds should only be used to oppose same sex marriage and reproductive rights.… Hundreds of university students packed into the MUB’s Granite State Room on Thursday night to hear Megan Andelloux, a sexuality educator and sexologist,…

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Congrats to Rep-Elect Keiko Orrall

A tip of my cap to 12th Bristol Representative-Elect Keiko Orrall on her victory last night. While disagreeing with her on just about every politcal policy issue, I do recognize and appreciate effective messaging and respect organizing skills. Congrats Representative-Elect Orrall. See you next November on the campaign trial.…

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Republican State Senate Carnival Game

From today’s Boston Globe. A story on the 4 Republicans left standing in the State Senate and the fact that all will get large pay increases because they all will be in minority leadership roles. For the record, I don’t have an issue paying leadership legislators more for taking additional responsibilities. But you folks on the right, in the Republican…

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