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Barack Obama and ACORN.

POTUS Obama and the democratic congress have deemed it an imperitive to stimulate our economy by giving 4.1 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money to ACORN. This is beyond comprehension. Does everyone realize how much money this criminal element amongst us will receive. Every “manager” within ACORN will now be getting 120K or more. The styreet thugs within ACORN will be…

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Barack Obama and the Temple of Gloom

I guess Barack Obama in his infinite wisdom decided to have his first press conference with El Arabia ( SP?) to let the arab/muslim community know that they should not fear USA, although “USA has acted dicatorially” in the past (just ask the Germans and the Japanese). Also POTUS Obama stated it was his job to assure us that muslims…

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And to illucidate that Repubicans have their share of scumbags—-I offer the folowing: It seems that POTUS Obama in the spirit of “bi-partisanship” has appointed a suspect republican to his administration—One Ray LaHood ( a reputed Chicago/Illinois player)  as Secretary of Transportation. Seems that Mr. LaHood has a bunch of pals that are indicted and/or  about to be indicted .…

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This Is Rich

Obama is less than a week away from taking the oath of office and already things are not good.

Right from the git go, Eric Holder the nominee for AG is in serious trouble. It seems that Holder has a propensity to advocate for domestic terrorists and “friends of Bill” ( The Rich pardonning debacle). Great choice. Obama must have…

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AP has just released an investigative story re Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The good news is that the Bush Administration and prominent Republican Senators put on a full court press to rein in these two corrupt federally backed lenders. The bad news is that former Republican solons successfully lobbied to deep six the rescue legislation. There is much blood…

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