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Impeachable offenses and criminal offenses of the present presidential administration

If any released terrorists commit any felony within US territory or conspire to commit a terroristic act on any US territory then the US Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against the president and his cabinet members. If due to politics, the congress should fail to impeach the president, then such high crimes and misdemeanors should be held in abeyance to…

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Obama declines comment on US hostage crisis off Somalia WASHINGTON, April 9 (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama declined to answer reporters’ questions on Thursday on a hostage crisis off the coast of Somalia, where a U.S. ship captain is being held captive by pirates. Obama was asked to comment on the situation several times by reporters at a White…

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Will Obama bill the war dead?

You wonder how far Obama, the commander in chief, will go to further his presidency on the backs of US servicemen and veterans.

Is it a stretch to now assume that the federal government will be sending a bill for services rendered, to the wounded and fallen for “emergency medical services”,

for wounds incurred within theatre? In the event of…

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Obama’s Brown Shirts Coming To A State Near You

Well this was no surprise. Homeland security is sending missives out to states to be on the lookout for for third party candidates and their supporters. All of aforementioned are obviously worth close scrutiny. It is not paranoia when some folks sound the alarm that “BIG GOVERNMENT” will come for your weapons, then they will come for you. It is…

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I’m Tired

This from my friend and fellow Marine, Bob Hall, a former Mass State Senator who fled Massachusetts many years ago. Subject: I’M TIRED               I’ll be 63 soon.  Except for one semester in college when jobs were scarce, and a six-month period when I was between jobs, but job-hunting every day, I’ve worked, hard,…

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Why have we lost another newspaper—a different angle

Editors Note: I am serious about fair use. Don’t cut and paste. If people want to read the whole article, please visit the San Fransisco Examiner’s website by the link provided. – Rob Apologies for the “cut and paste” but if I hacked this article up, it would lose its significance. Death of the Rocky Mountain News: a literary tragedy…

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