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Barack Obama, the Middle East, and the abdication of responsibility

Well—Barack Obama has succeeded in alienating every king, caliph, Mullah, prince, potentate, premier, and prime minister in the Middle east. Obama has actually accomplished what George Bush was only accused of. Benjamin Netanyahu has seen the hand writing on the wall. Barack Obama and the executive branch of the US government have cut Israel loose and turned their back on…

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I sit here absolutely astounded. Where are the candle light vigils in Arlington? Where are the cries of outrage from Neal, Tsongas, McGovern, Markey, Tierney, Olver re BLOOD FOR OIL. Where is the moral indignation of the Kennedy’s and Kerry re our current president’s circumventing congress to attack a sovereign nation. Where are the moonbats who hectored George Bush for…

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The Power to Wage War

(GWB who got congress’ permission is a war criminal Obama is a modern day Eisenhower – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) It seems that Hillary Clinton and her cabal of war mongerers at the executive level forgot to advise congress that they intended to wage war with a sovereign nation in N. Africa. Isn’t that rich.

Actually they not…

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Barack Obama’s Outrage?

Barack Obama today expressed outrage at the murder of several U.S. Consulate employees in Ciudad Juarez by narco terrorists.

Huh?  This can’t be the same Barack Obama who fessed up in his autobiography to being a big drug user.  Does Barack Obama understand where unlawful narcotics originate from?  If he doesn’t, I’ll take the liberty to inform him: Mr. President,…

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Allah Hu Akhbar

                                      Allah Hu Akhbar The last thing our young soldiers at Fort Hood heard while they lay on the cold

concrete as their blood flowed onto the floor and their lives ebbed from their bodies was Allah Hu Akhbar. The same Allah…

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Dear Editor

Dear Editor: I appreciated Mr. Brodsky’s  column in today’s NY Post (‘Torture’ regrets cheer our enemies 05/01/09). I find myself becoming increasingly upset by these self-hating, self-flagellating Americans, who are resistant to standing up for the rights of our own people . I was a fireman on 9/11, while there I saw our fellow citizens horribly burned to death, as…

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