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Rick Barton for Congress News Feb. 4

We Can’t Afford Congress Any More Check out this frank and to the point piece by former Congressman and modern Republican Study Committee founder Ernest Istook (R-OK), shedding the light on why: We can’t afford Congress any more By Ernest Istook We can’t afford Congress. It’s driving America’s cost-of-living through the roof. Any tax cut or “economic stimulus” we might…

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Rick Barton for Congress January News

Tierney shows his anti-military colors – again Once again, Congressman John F. Tierney has shown his true anti-military colors. On Tuesday January 16, the House of Representatives passed a revised version of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2008 by a vote of 369-46. John Tierney was among the 46 voting against this bill. This is not the first time…

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Veterans Funding Remains Hijacked

Congressional Democrats Have Hijacked the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Funding Our Troops and Veterans Are Being Used as Pawns to Further The Democrat Agenda While 8 Million Veterans Wait on Speaker Pelosi for

$37B in Promised VA Benefits
Congress Goes on Thanksgiving Recess Congressman John Tierney Remains Silent Is This Any Way to Treat America’s Heroes?  …

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