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Moonbat Mob Attacks Michelle Malkin

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What if they held a riot and no one came? By Michelle Malkin   DENVER — Never was so much hype created by so few to simulate the appearance of so many. The hard-core left vowed to turn out 50,000 protesters for the Democratic National Convention this week. They pledged to "Re-create…

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Will Obama Support Our Troops Success?

( – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Senator Obama has repeatedly denied the success of the surge, credited anything but the surge for reductions in violence in Iraq, and attempted to doom it to failure before it was even fully implemented. Senator Obama in his own words:   “The surge is not working,” Obama’s old Iraq plan stated (on website). Daily…

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Biden Has Ties To Rezko Accomplice

Another day, another corruption link to the Democrat ticket.  Chicago Sun-Times   No matter what help Barack Obama might get from Sen. Joseph Biden, his newly named vice presidential running mate won’t give Obama much cover on the Tony Rezko front. Biden has described himself as a 30-year friend of a key figure in the Rezko trial who’s pleaded…

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The Audacity of Socialsm

  In a number of threads the defenders and supporters of Barack Obama try to refute the fact that he is a dyed in the wool Socialist. I have cited in prevoius posts and comment an op-ed series by Investor's Business Daily called The Audacity of Socialism. It is an in depth analysis of Obama's background, beliefs, and conduct…

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