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Confused About The Financial Crisis Bailout Plan?

With fingers pointing in every direction, blame being denied by all involved, and all solutions looking like the burden will be on the American taxpayer, I tried to find some clarity in this financial mess. The clearest picture of the plans being considered in Washington are depicted in this video:…

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Congress Offers Snake Oil, Not Energy Solutions; Pelosi Set To Profit

The Institute foe Energy Research issued the following press release today: Washington, D.C. – Last night, the House of Representatives passed a new "energy" bill. This continued a seemingly endless debate over proposals dubbed as energy solutions, though most produce little if any of the energy their titles seem to promise. Thomas Pyle, president of the Institute for Energy Research…

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McCain Co-Sponsored Fannie/Freddie Reform… In 2005

While the barbs fly back and forth between the McCain and Obama campaigns as to who can better manage the current financial crisis, one indisputable fact is John McCain has actively been seeking reforms that may have prevented the current situation.  Congressional records show McCain Co-sponsored S. 190 the Federal Housing Enterprise Act of 2005.  On May 25, 2006 McCain…

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