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Obama Wants To Know, “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

And, so do the American people. Here is the roster presented by the video, in brief: Ebbers, Worldcom: 25 years in prison

Ken Lay, Enron: Convicted on 10 counts, died before serving sentence

Jeff Skilling, Enron: 24 years in prison

Andrew Fastow, Enron: 10 years in prison

Dennis Koslowski, Tyco: 8 years in prison

Mark Schwartz, Tyco: 8 years in…

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The Financial Arsonists, Now They Want You To Believe They Are Putting Out The Fire…

 That they started…   They created the environment of unaccountability beginning with Jimmy Carter and the original Community Reinvestment Act.  They reauthorized the CRA under Bill Clinton and continued to ignore the dangers signs each and every time they were warned. History cannot be whitewashed.  The Democrats with their blind ambition for social engineering, their pandering to class warfare, and…

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His Name Is Ryan David Jopek

(A “looking at his watch” moment… – promoted by Cool Cal) The phoniness was hard to disguise as Barack Obama attempted to invoke the “me too” tactic in last night’s debate. After McCain talked about the bracelet given to him by the mother of a slain soldier, Obama mentioned that he had one, too. Unfortunately, he couldn’t recall the name…

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  Despite House Democrats relenting on extending bans on offshore drilling and oil shale in the continuing resolution (CR) appropriations bill, Democrat Senate Leader Harry “Searchlight” Reid has decided to sneak an extension of the oil shale ban through as Congress fights over the financial bailout. Oil shale in America's West is estimated to hold be between 800 billion and…

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