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Another Obama Cabinet Nominee Failed To Pay Taxes

Former Democrat Senator Ton Daschle makes Tim Geithner looks like a piker when it comes to not paying taxes. Just as Geithner, Daschle suddenly discovered the “discrepancy” when he was nominated for Secretary of Health and Human Services. However, Daschle seems to be head and shoulders above Geithner when it comes to dodging the IRS. Phony charitable donations, failure to…

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Obama’s Costly Government Experiment

The American Institute of Economic Research (AIER), located in Great Barrington, MA, is a great resource for current and historic economic analysis. Here is a recent commentary by Richard M. Ebeling. Right out of the starting gate, President Obama has been pushing hard for his proposed $825 billion stimulus package, which has been passed in the House and is…

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Obama’s Sec. of Education Fails Basic Grammar

It's hard to believe he was reading this from a prepared text.  Our education system in this country has been in a downward spiral since the inception of the Dept. of Education.     What are Duncan's big achievements?  He went to Harvard, plays basketball, and has a "reputation" as a reformer. Obviously another gold plated resume with no discernible…

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