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Bastien urges Flanagan to Refuse Donations from Firm tied to Arthur S. Demoulas

Many of the same elected officials saying they support the workers of Market Basket, have received thousands of dollars in donations from O’Neill & Associates, the firm hired by Artie S. to win the public relations war against those same employees. Tell Sen. Flanagan and other Democrats on Beacon Hill to refuse donations from O’Neill and Associates as long as…

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Bastien Challenges Flanagan to Sign People’s Pledge Banning Special Interest Donations in Race

(Former Rep Bastien is staging a write-in effort in the GOP Primary for the Worcester & Middlesex District.  There is currently no candidate on the ballot for any Party. – promoted by Paul R. Ferro) July 18, 2014

Former State Representative Richard Bastien sent the below letter to his opponent Jen Flanagan asking her to agree to join with him…

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Sticker War! Bastien announces bid for State Senate

(Winnable seat, currently no candidates, Democrat or Republican, on the Ballot. If you don’t have a primary in your district, consider coming to help.  A half-dozen volunteers and I got 225 write-in votes in 2002 for a State Rep Candidate, WE CAN DO THIS! – promoted by Paul R. Ferro) Touting Fresh Energy and Problem Solving, Bastien Announces bid for…

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Bastien Blasts Governor Over Veto of Gateway Cities in FY13 Budget

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) (Gardner) – State Representative Rich Bastien today blasted Governor Patrick for vetoing language that would have expanded the Gateway Cities program. “I’m deeply disappointed in Governor Patrick’s veto. The Governor has spoken many times about the need to close the educational achievement gap, rehabilitate neighborhoods, and redevelop our Gateway Cities. He had…

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