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THIS JUST IN! BlueMassGroup’s own Lynne Lupien AKA Lynne had a brush with the law EVERYONE!

Some of you folks may remember our foul mouthed friend from BlueMassGroup as the douchebag lady … =…  She has a habit of using that word don’t you know.  Well it turns out Lynne Lupien AKA Lynne is having some trouble with the law … oh yes!  She is being investigated for harassment!  : )     Lynne…

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Damn – Sabutai from BlueMassGroup is spreading lies about Mitt Romney

And the editors are no where to be found. First the lie … Thus, when Mitt Romney (son of a Mexican-born father) says that Obama doesn’t understand Anglo-Saxon relationships – Sabutai Dan-from-Waltham correctly pointed out Romney never said that … In fact, disavowed the comment. – DanFromWaltham And of course whosemidingdemint being the good footsoldier that he is comes in…

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