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Bummer..Breaking News

(The Hacks are talking over the corner office. Also @massdems have been talking a lot about the Patrick Murray administration lately……….. – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Patrick’s chief of staff to step down

Doug Rubin, Governor Deval Patrick’s chief of staff, is stepping down. He will be replaced by Arthur Bernard, a top Patrick aide who served as chief of…

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Thanks to the Legislature

I think I want to vomit again. All of a sudden 83 year olds can’t drive? Bulletin!! This has been going on for years. While lawmakers mull elder driver laws, another crash injures three

June 30, 2009 By Globe Staff Even as a legislative committee was hearing testimony today in a quiet State House room on bills tightening the rules…

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Thanks Tom Menino

Have you ever wondered where all the money goes? The below story makes me want to vomit! Have a good day. Firefighters on disability race to retire

Pension-upgrade rule disappears tomorrow


“The system provided a financial incentive for people to file for accidental disability while filling in for supervisors.”   By Michael Levenson and…

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Per Lawmaker vows action on anti-texting legislation

June 22, 2009 03:20 PM By Noah Bierman, Globe Staff The co-chairman of the Legislature’s transportation committee pledged today that a bill banning automobile drivers from using text messaging devices on the road remains a priority, even though the provision was taken out of the budget bill that passed last week. “I…

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