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Deval checks in over at BMG

Over at Bowel Movement Group (I love that line), the Governor has checked in: have we learned? 1) It ain’t easy being green! (I’m not kidding)

2) Paul Levy is a union busting piece of sh**t administrator. (Apologies to Levy for dragging him into this post. He appears to be a fine administrator with a proven track record.)


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Baker weighs in on Gloucester/Reville Matter

Gloucester Charter School Statement The Patrick Administration has proven that if you don’t have a solid policy and core beliefs on education, all you have left is politics. The Administration’s masquerade on charter schools sends a sorry signal to students, parents, teachers, and the business community about how seriously they take the job of educating our children. Through their deception…

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Memo to Deval Regarding Paul Reville

How’s the hip? I trust all is well with the new dog and hope to see you out on the campaign trail sometime soon. Last time I checked you have a bit of a poop storm up here on Cape Ann in a not-so-little seaside community called Gloucester. Your recent condemnation of the charter process was pretty thoughtful, but then…

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Patrick Administration Playing Politics with Charter Schools

So is this how Reville et al make decisions? This email is included in this story.… From: Reville, Paul Sent: Thursday, February 5, 2009, 11:54 p.m. To: Chester, Mitchell D. (DOE) Subject: charters Mitchell, Hope all’s well and warm in AZ. I appreciated our talk today and your openness and flexibility. This situation presents one of those painful dilemmas.…

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