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Another Dem in Trouble..Say it ain’t so

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Imagine…. Clerk claims Lantigua’s ‘girlfriend’ gave city supplies to his campaign By Jill Harmacinski LAWRENCE – A five-month-old harassment complaint filed with city attorneys alleges that William Lantigua’s “girlfriend” gave city-bought office supplies to his campaign and threatened to have City Hall workers fired when her “boyfriend” was elected mayor. Dora Marco,…

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Vendors say Mihos won’t pay them

(edited for formatting. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) Yikes! Is the Globe out to get Christy? How about an explanation? Vendors say Mihos won’t pay them

Complaint filed with campaign finance officials

By Frank Phillips, Globe Staff  |  January 24, 2010 Three major vendors for Christy Mihos’s gubernatorial campaign have filed a joint complaint with state campaign finance officials…

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Governor Patrick: You are a hypocrite. Return the money!

(Edited for fair use compliance. – promoted by DD4RP) Per the Herald: Gov. Deval Patrick leading charge against Hyatt, but took $ from hotel honchos Gov. Deval Patrick, who has called for a boycott of Hyatt hotels for firing 98 Hub housekeepers and “substandard” treatment of workers, has hauled in $3,000 in campaign cash from Hyatt honchos, the Herald has…

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