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Joe Wilson, Prophesier

Okay, that’s it!  Really, your president is ridiculous.  How is he not a lying sack? Look, you can hate George W. all you want, you could have hated all of his policies, that’s fine.  Whether you agreed or disagreed with W’s actions and policies is simply a personal decision.  However, at least he didn’t look you in the eye and…

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That’s A Right Shame

So now who is the government going to rely on to misrepresent us…?! The Census Bureau on Friday severed its ties with ACORN, a community organization that has been hit with Republican accusations of voter-registration fraud.  “We do not come to this decision lightly,” Census director Robert Groves wrote in a letter to ACORN, which was obtained by The Associated…

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The Keating Kar Krew

( – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Kaaa-chiiing!  So I need to give a shout out to my peeps on the Hill!  They have hoooooked this kid up! Thanks to the continued ineptitude of our spendthrifts in Washington, I am now eligible to receive a six hundred percent return on my investment!  As some of you have probably also been doing,…

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