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Cape Cod Times Endorses Scott Brown

The Times is no conservative rag – it supports national health care, cap-and-trade, and has a liberal editorial board overall.  And yet…ENDORSEMENT HERE. Here’s the money quote of why they are endorsing” There are many people who would like to make this race a referendum on the current health care debate, but the election is more than one…

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Credit Where Due

Scott Brown will be our next Senator because the people of Mass. are fed to the back teeth with the corruption and overweening ambition of the Democrats – especially in Mass. But he will also be our Senator because of Red Mass Group. Feb. of 2007, RMG was an infant message board.  The posters were few, and the readers all…

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“Vote for Me TWEWZ-Dee”

DO NOT click on this link! (At least, not with the sound on, as the penetrating whine might damage your ears…) I’m sitting here watching the Cowboys/Eagles game, and the latest ad for Coakley has run every third commercial.  I put in the embed to remind you what it looks like (indeed, the green screen/green leaves got quite a workout…

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Tax and the Citi

A bulletin from the Kudlow Report, or From the Land of ‘Too Big to Fail’ and ‘Too Small to Save’…. CitiGroup has announced that it will have a $20 billion public offering, which will allow them to repay $20 billion in TARP funds to the Federal government.  This will coincidently allow them to ‘de-TARP’ and get away from compensation ceilings…

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Hail, Hack High Holy Days!

They just COULDN’T face having to use a vacation day for St. Patrick’s…THAT’S why. Our legislature eliminated the only good idea Deval Patrick ever had – to eliminate the ‘Suffolk County’ holidays for budget reasons – late last night.  State Workers will continue to enjoy paid holidays in March and June, the way St. Michael Curley intended.  The Senate is…

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Rank Censorship!

I am concerned that posts are disappearing from RMG, and the implications of that. Earlier today, letschange3 posted this which he credited to Citizens for Limited Taxation asking why Mihos was supporting Carla Howell and the tax rollback with his ‘campaign’ funds – Carla Howell’s tax fight pays off

Activist, pal net $200G in consulting fees

By Hillary Chabot The…

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