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The FIRST Dining Room Table Debate! (also posted on BMG)

I am no documentary film maker.  Me and my little Flip roam the political universe.  But I WAS at the Barney Frank Town Hall in Dartmouth run by Brock’s friend Ray Medeiros.  And I captured the first encounter between Cong. Frank and his now-challanger in the primary, LaRouche Democrat Rachel Brown.  I was kinda sorta aiming at a seated LaRouche…

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Chatham Republicans Rock – AGAIN!

Just received this in my email, and wanted to share it with all of RMG – Wednesday evening, September 8, 2010 This email is addressed to those concerned about the future of this nation and the world our children and grandchildren will inherit. We need your help as we start up the November 2nd campaign here in Chatham! Chatham Republicans…

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Simple Ideas Are The Best


I saw this as a Facebook status for one of our Cape Cod candidates – Patrick Foran Simply – “Please bring in any political signs you have on your property until Earl passes through. They will not withstand the predicted winds. Speaking for myself, I would assume all candidates would appreciate your help, I know I do. Thanks!” Candidates…

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Washington Priorities

Television is reporting that the ‘jobs bill’ which will ‘save’ the jobs of teachers, police, firefighters, etc. has been passed.  It is argued that ‘preserving’ these jobs will help with unemployment.  It is also argued that it is a cynical payoff in return for union funding of the campaigns of Democrats just before the election. But one feature caught my…

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Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime…uh..Dollah?

I got this email from a Joisey friend earlier today – ———- Forwarded message ———-

From: ###

Date: Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 5:08 PM


To: %%% Hacker: What is with Mass Congressperson Barney Frank causing a ruckus on the Fire Island Ferry down heah in the New Yawk metro area.  I really think you can do a summer…

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Tasty Debate Bytes!

Last night, the Chatham Republican Town Committee sponsored the first debate between the two GOP candidates for the Cape & Islands Senate Seat, Jim Crocker and Eric Steinhilber.  The debate was moderated by Dave Dunford, the GOP candidate for the 5th Barnstable house seat. Here’s a link to the CapeGOP YouTube Channel.  Rather than a single long debate tape,…

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