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Tenth Congressional Caucus Results

We had 85 people, and a good moderator in Ed O’Connell, candidate for Plymouth County Treasurer. There were 14 nominations for the three delegate slots, and each candidate was given a few monutes to speak.  Top vote getter and Romney Delegate was Rep. Jeff Perry of Sandwich.  Second vote getter and another Romney delegate was Rep. Dan Webster of Pembroke.…

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Steal from the Best!

I got an email from John Stephenson of Stop the ACLU – and I’ve never seen a neater analogy! “I have a hypothetical question for thought: Why should Obama’s membership to Rev. Wright’s church be treated any different than a hypothetical situation where McCain attended the Westboro Baptist Hate Cult and made a mild statement that he “didn’t agree with…

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News from the Beatty Campaign

Via Email: NEWS RELEASE Jeff Beatty to receive Counter-terrorism award in Washington D.C. this week

Former Delta Force Officer challenging Kerry in Senate race in 08′

( Jeff Beatty Republican U.S. Senate candidate (MA) will be in Washington D.C. this week to receive the International Association of Counter-terrorism and Security Professionals “Guardian Award” . This prestigious award will be presented…

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And So It Begins…

(So what the media is effectively reporting is, “Former Navy Commander has Mouth Like Sailor”? – promoted by EaBo Clipper) I have WBZ is on, and they are REPORTING that “We are now learning that Sen. John McCain has something of a temper…” and details various details and names regarding ‘Sen. Hothead’, as they have dubbed him. For all those…

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Big Romney Win in Michigan!

According to the Wall Street Journal, the vote went – Romney – 39%

McCain – 30%

Huckabee – 16%

Paul – 6%

Thompson – 4%

Guiliani and Undecided – Tied at 3%

Hunter – @ 1,100 votes total – less than 1% Not only was Romney’s percentage higher than the McCain win in NH, the number of votes cast in…

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Live Blogging Dixville Notch!

Mr. Tillotson is opening the ballot box – 17 voters (3 GOP, 2 Democrats, 12 unenrolled).  there HAD been one Democrat, but a recent new arrival increased the Democrat total by 100%. Here are the totals: Clinton – 0

Obama – 7

Edwards – 2

Richardson – 1 Romney – 2

Guiliani – 1

McCain – 4

Huckabee – 0…

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