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Mary Z. Connaughton on NECN’s Broadside

You guys have to watch this.  Talking about the GOP’s “gender gap.” Interview starts about two minutes in – Mary Z. takes Jim Braude to school! She makes a great point: here in Mass., the pro-life movement isn’t the reason for GOP losses – Tisei, Brown and in 2010, Charlie Baker, were all pro-CHOICE. Still, it’s time for the GOP…

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Auditor Bump’s Devilish Hiring Practices

Seriously, the patronage hiring of Travaglini and Jacques wasn’t bad enough, now we find out state auditor Suzanne Bump had a satanic cult leader on the payroll?…… A convicted killer, called a “success story” by State Auditor Suzanne Bump after hiring her to work in a state office, is back in prison for violating parole, officials said. Robin…

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Can We Really Back Off from the National Education Standards?

Patrick, Reville, Chester, et al., make it seem like they’re perfectly willing to walk away from the national standards if they do not measure up to ours – but Pioneer’s Jim Stergios says it won’t be that easy, and states’ participation isn’t really voluntary with so much $$$ at stake: http://www.pioneerinstitute.or… Simply put, the federal executive branch is going to…

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