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Mary Z. Connaughton on NECN’s Broadside

You guys have to watch this.  Talking about the GOP’s “gender gap.” Interview starts about two minutes in – Mary Z. takes Jim Braude to school! She makes a great point: here in Mass., the pro-life movement isn’t the reason for GOP losses – Tisei, Brown and in 2010, Charlie Baker, were all pro-CHOICE. Still, it’s time for the GOP…

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Auditor Bump’s Devilish Hiring Practices

Seriously, the patronage hiring of Travaglini and Jacques wasn’t bad enough, now we find out state auditor Suzanne Bump had a satanic cult leader on the payroll?…… A convicted killer, called a “success story” by State Auditor Suzanne Bump after hiring her to work in a state office, is back in prison for violating parole, officials said. Robin…

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