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Why Yes I am a Terrorist and Proud of It

So how did I, a lowly peasant arrive at this conclusion after 55 years of suburban bliss?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Yes I have survival food to buy.  Escape plans to formulate.  Biopandemic masks and Purelle to procure.  It is after all daily in the “news”.

So by me acting on it now I am a “terrorist”.…

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Hug your Grandson Today

A got chills down my spine.  We were down by the river and my three year old grandson had just caught his first sunfish.  At first he was afraid of it and later curious about the flapping fish on the end of his line.  Sure enough I could have saved this fish if only I had a pair of needlenose…

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David Icke

What is one to do when neither political party makes any sense.  Look for something else, something resonanting with your “higher self”.

Rush in talking to Mark Dice on 911 truth asked Mark who the “leader” of the movement was.  Such a concept in itself is just very old school at best and a known tool of gatekeeping to the…

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The term Pharamageddon has hit the search pages of Google.  It dares to ask the question when does pharma for profit become a killing machine.

Passage of S2028 puts the escape from this state in high gear.  Get you shot or get on the bus.

Captain and chief petty officer reported dead after innoculations.

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Swine Eleven

There are copious internet rumors of impending swine flu martial law lock downs and mandatory injections of lethal immune system depleting vaccines made by evil big pharma companies bent on world depopulation.

Yes, I’m sure this is far off the beaten path but I do come from a 20 year research and development career with a major global company.  We…

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